Thank you for volunteering to be a team liaison for AHS Athletic Boosters. We want to provide you with information and resources to help you navigate the season for your teams. Please read through for some important info to share with your teams.


  • Team Liaison Checklist– Click here to find a printable checklist that describes the detailed breakdown of all tasks and responsibilities of the team liaison.
  • Start by recruiting a partner parent volunteer to assist with liaison management, especially to serve as the volunteer coordinator for the team. (See Concessions directions below).
  • Contact the Booster Liaison Coordinator with any questions.
    • Dede Matrangola or text 410-340-2409

Booster Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Meetings held 1st Monday of the month .   Location: AHS Senior Cafeteria 7:00-8:00 pm

FALL 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019
Sept 11 Dec 3 March 4
Oct 9 Jan 7 April 1
Nov 12 Feb 4 May 6

Team Liaison attendance is expected during your season. You are welcome any time of year. If you are not able to attend, please send notes on your team’s update and read the meeting minutes.


Click on the link below to get the form you need.

Concessions – Team Volunteer Coordinators

The boosters provides concessions as a service to our teams so that players and fans alike can have access to food and drink during games. Players and fans alike love the convenience of finding a quick refreshment before, during or after a game. As parents it is a great way to meet other parents and kids from the school and most people have a lot of fun volunteering! Sessions go by quickly especially on busy days but having enough hands present makes it lighter work for all.

The operations of concessions is a large undertaking so the boosters cannot run concessions without the direct involvement of the teams. This year it will be necessary for each team that wants to have concessions available for their home games to designate a Team Volunteer Coordinator who will be responsible to make sure the stand is appropriately staffed at all times. If volunteers are not identified at least 24 hours in advance, the concessions will have to be cancelled.

  • All volunteers must be 18 years or older to handle money.
  • There MUST be a minimum of 2 parent volunteers at all times staffing the concessions stand or the stand will need to be closed!
  • Concessions Dates – Follow the HOME GAME schedule for your team
    • A master schedule will be provided by Boosters to each team (also posted below) but volunteer coordinators will need to notify the Concessions Chair of any changes or cancellations so that food orders can be cancelled or changed.
  • The Concessions stand can NEVER be left unattended or understaffed and should be closed or cancelled if that is the circumstance.
  • Team Volunteer Coordinators will be responsible for making sure the concessions stand is appropriately staffed or that it is closed if adequate staffing is not arranged.
  • Team Volunteer Coordinators will determine the schedule for how best to cover shifts and will make sure that 2 18+ year old volunteers are present at all times.
  • Team Volunteer Coordinators will need to notify the Concessions Chair 24 hours in advance if they do not have coverage for their game so that the food order can be cancelled without penalty charge to boosters.
  • Volunteers for the opening game time must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the game start and be prepared to receive the food delivery.
  • Volunteers need to understand they may not leave the stand simply at the end of a shift if there is no one to relieve them or if a game runs late.
  • Detailed directions for opening and closing both the indoor and outdoor concessions stands are included here and should be shared with your parent volunteers. There are also copies displayed prominently in the stands.
  • You can contact the Concessions Chair Mona Weinberg with questions or concerns of any kind ( or text 410-446-7784 ).
    • She will make sure the stands are properly stocked, food orders are placed and will come at the end of the last game to pick up the $ and receipts but she will not be available to cover shifts personally or be there to make sure volunteers are showing up for their shifts.

Forms letters and Instructions (Concessions/ Volunteer Coordinating)


Encourage your team members to join boosters. The example letters on the liaison website page offer some suggestions on how to communicate the importance of booster membership to support all our Raider teams. There will also be a team contest for the team with the highest percentage of participation so you can start encouraging parents to join boosters during the initial parent meeting.


We are again using an online spirit wear vendor which gives teams the option to order sport specific spirit wear.  Your team members can order directly through the site and will get items in a matter of days and your team will earn 10% back on the sales. All you need to do is advertise to your parents.
Go to


Fri April 5, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Ten Oaks Ballroom, 5000 Signal Bell Ln, Clarksville, MD 21029


  • At start of season ask parents for team contributions toward a single themed basket. $ donations, donated items or services, solicited items, etc.
    • Example themes: Spa Day, Picnic, Car, Snacks, Movie, Night Out, Happy Hour, Athletic gear, etc.
  • Collect donations, purchase any additional items for the basket and put the basket together complete with label detailing items contained.
  • Wrap and label baskets so they are in “ready to sell” shape.
  • Deliver all completed baskets to the AHS front office by end of your sports season(or for Spring by DATE HERE).


    • Boosters will provide an envelope of breakfast tickets to sell.
    • Students are encouraged to attend the breakfast as a team.
    • Family members and guests can purchase tickets from liaisons, online or at the door the am of the breakfast.